Sunday, November 14, 2010

I need your help!

In your own words, describe this guy. As if someone were asking you to describe a new boyfriend.!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My new project

So I have these couches that my mom gave me. I love the shape, love that they're footed, love that they are in excellent condition....HATE the fabric. So I'm going to attempt to reupholster them. (YIKES!) I'm actually excited and I think with the right tools, it will be a huge pain, but I can do it. I know enough about fabrics and hiding seams and such, that I can figure it out. Now comes the hard part. What fabric do I use?! I've already found several that I LOVE, but of course the things I love are super expensive. Like $30+ per yard...And I'm gonna need around 10 yards. Sheesh. If you go to this website: and look at all the black and white (piano), or espresso colored ones...Oh my gosh. TRUE LOVE. I love the Bergdorff Piano, Brambley Saddle, Danube Hershey, Danube Piano, Harpers Piano, Lebeau Piano, All the Legends colors...I could go on and on. But I know that if I just drive to Mesa and go to Home Fabrics, I'll be able to find fabric that will be much cheaper, and ALMOST as pretty. If not as pretty. It just depends. I'm hesitant to start this project, but I HAVE to do it. I'm setting a goal to have it completed by March. March is gonna be busy, and very crazy, so I have to do it by then. The challenge will be finding a fabric I want to use that is $10/yard or less. WISH ME LUCK!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

First day of school...

Well today was Tracen's 1st day of 1st grade. What. A. Day. I've been tormenting myself for letting him go to San Tan Heights Elementary for kindergarten, and sadly, he is still on the waiting list for Benjamin Franklin Charter School. So guess where he started school today? You guessed it, San Tan Heights. It was just as much of a nightmare as I thought it would be. Worse actually. It started off with his backpack being stolen (2nd time at this school) before the school day started. BEFORE THE FIRST DAY STARTED! There goes the new backpack and all those supplies I paid for. The worst part was how sad he was. So sad. I feel partially guilty because I was upset. I should have hidden how upset I was from him. I've gotta constantly remind myself to watch my attitude! It can get real negative, real fast. So I've got a bit of a temper...So sue me. Anyway, when I said goodbye to him and left the room, I peeked back in and he was sitting there with his head on his table. Sad as could be. Heartbreaking. I can't stand people. It makes me appreciate my reclusive lifestyle. I worried about him all day. Worried he would have a bad day because I wasn't smart enough to hide my disappointment which I'm sure he thought was directed at him. A mother's guilt. What can you do? But then I went to pick him up, and brought a banana for him in case he was hungry, and he loves banana's. Holy cow. Trying to pick him up was also a nightmare. It was like angry mobs on both sides of a fence. One side had children wanting to go home, the other had parents trying to pick up their kids. I had Gunner holding one hand, Tielar holding another, and we were seriously in danger of being trampled. So we backed off, and waited for 20 minutes while NO progress was made because the crowds literally couldn't move, they were that packed in on both sides. Finally, some shift happened and all these kids just came spewing out from every direction...I'm thinking: "How are they making sure these kids get to their parents?!" That's when the chaos gets WORSE. All the parents are frantic at this point trying to find their kids. I can't see Tracen ANYWHERE. I'm trying to remain calm and just search with my eyes while keeping my other 2 kids safe from the crowd. After another 10 minutes or so, the crowd dies down, and I can get onto the campus. I find Tracen's teacher, who asks me if Tracen found me or not. (!!!!) So we go looking for him. He was in the gym. He had gone the other way to go look for his backpack. Whew! He was safe.

So we get home, and I ask him how school was. He said it was fine. Then he told me Mr. Greenlaw started a camp fire and they roasted marshmallows. He likes them burnt. What a character. Glad he ended up having a good day. I hope tomorrow is better.

It's been a while

So I'm here again...Yay? I don't even know how to look at comments from previous posts. I hate blogiiiiiiiing!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


So I tried CouponSense. I hate it. I canceled it. THE END.

Monday, May 25, 2009

New to this blogging thing...

Ok, so I've gotten on the bandwagon with the whole Myspace thing, then Facebook, so now I'm here. Everyone rants and raves about blogging, so here I am. At first look, I'm not impressed, but I am confused. So is blogging basically a page where I sit and say: Me, me, me, my family this, my children this, my husband this, here are some pictures, blah, blah, blah? And then people can comment on whatever I post? I need a tutorial. So any of you bloggers out me please!